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When a natural gas line is broken or breached at the meter set assembly, an uncontrolled natural gas leak occurs, often with catastrophic results.

HaloValve is the only technology available for instant and effective protection from this common and dangerous occurrence. Upon a hard impact, the breakaway immediately seals until the line can be repaired.

Perfect for high-traffic or problem installation areas, or anywhere safety is a concern.

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Features & Benefits

  • Ideal For Any High-Risk Meter Sets
    • High-Traffic Areas
    • High-Snow Areas
    • Installation in addition to bollards or where they aren’t practical
  • Immediately seals in the event of a hard impact
  • Corrosion Resistant (316 Stainless Steel/Nitrile Construction)
  • 3/4" Line Sizes (1" Coming Soon!)

How the Natural Gas Safety Breakaway Works

  • The breakaway is installed into the meter set or other gas piping
  • Design withstands nominal lateral forces
  • If a significant lateral force occurs, the fitting breaks
  • The ball acts as a plug stopping the escape of gas
  • Stopping the flow of natural gas minimizes risk of fire, explosion, property damage and serious injury

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Body: Stainless Steel
(ASTM 351 CF-8M)
Seal: Nitrile
Pressure Rating: 300 psi (21 bar)
Temperature Rating: -40°F – 212°F
(-40°C – 100°C)
Connections: FNPT, MNPT
Line Sizes: 3/4", 1" *
Overall Length: 4", 6"

* 1" size only available in 6" length.

About HaloValve

HaloValve was developed by OPW, with support and collaboration from GTI®, an organization dedicated to a secure, abundant and affordable future for all energy markets, with generous funding support from Operations Technology Development (OTD).

About GTI

Since 2003, OTD has aided its clients in developing solutions to the challenges inherent in operating natural gas delivery systems with the goal of optimizing system safety, improving operational efficiencies, reducing operating costs, and maintaining system reliability and integrity.

About OTD