What is an EFV?

Natural gas supply lines are exposed and vulnerable at the meter, and can easily be broken by impact from vehicles, landscape equipment, falling snow and ice, and more-often leading to a catastrophic incident. Many use excess flow valves (EFVs) to stop leaks when damage occurs to the gas meter as federal code requires the installation of an EFV on new and replaced gas service lines to residential and small commercial customers on eligible systems. These EFVs are mechanical safety device installed on a gas service line below ground. In the event of damage to the gas service line between the street and the gas meter, the EFV are meant to minimize the flow of gas through the service line. In high-risk situations excess flow valves are not always enough to prevent a gas leak and many times require secondary protection.

Is Bollard Protection Enough?

Bollards are often used to protect meters from damage. However, in many situations the bollard will be what breaks the meter. And if the gas supply line break is downstream of the regulator the EFV would not even see the leak. In a high-risk situation, the HaloValve adds an additional layer/level of protection. HaloValve is the only natural gas safety breakaway that helps to instantly reduce the hazards caused by gas meter impact damage.

The HaloValve is a breakaway valve installed to the riser where most breaks occur. Upon impact, HaloValve instantly seals the line, preventing the flow and accumulation of gas until the line can be repaired.

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Advantages of HaloValve

  • Simple, cost effective installation
  • Instantly shuts off flow upon impact
  • Adds safety to any meter installed in high-risk situation- even systems with EFV and/or bollards

Our HaloValve is made from corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel. It is designed to withstand nominal lateral forces. In most situations, the HaloValve can simply be installed directly onto the meter’s shutoff valve, making it ideal to retrofit to existing Meter Sets. Our HaloValve provides an additional layer of protection for any at-risk Meter Set, with or without the presence of an EFV.And, instantly makes any meter installation safer!

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