An Uncompromising Commitment to Natural Gas Safety

It’s a fact of life: accidents happen, and OPW has always been committed to ensuring that accidents involving flammable fuels do not turn catastrophic. This commitment led to the development of standard-setting safety breakaways for gas station fuel dispensers that turn potential driveaway catastrophes into easily correctable separation incidents.

Residential and commercial natural gas meters suffer from their own form of separation anxiety. Be it a ground shift, distracted driver, lawn mower or snowplow, they are at risk of falling victim to an impact incident that can cause a dangerous gas leak. To mitigate this concern, OPW Engineered Systems, working in conjunction with GTI, has created the HaloValve Natural Gas Safety Breakaway. The HaloValve is designed to produce a clean break between the meter and riser during an impact event, thereby instantly closing the gas line and preventing a minor collision from becoming a major catastrophe.